87.58g vs 77.28g; 2.55% more proteins per 100g? Why is Beetroot better than Sweet Potato? Below GI of 55 is considered low and sweet potatoes fall between 44 to 94 in terms of GI. My trusty neighbor and taste tester, Renate, was an honored guest on more than one happy occasion. They are very high in fiber and various other nutrients. Sweet potatoes are higher in calories and carbs, while potatoes contain more protein and fats. What makes a food “healthy”? Their low calorie count and the fact that they are fat free. Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A, packing almost 700% of the recommended daily value in one medium potato; all the others have none. Sweet potato allergy or intolerance is quite rare. Sweet potatoes are high in oxalates, compounds found in many plant foods, which are safe for most people. The sweet potato is used in both savory and sweet dishes, most often baked, mashed or fried. Below is where we’ll compare the potatoes vs sweet potatoes and lay out the differences between them. Sweet potatoes appear on many U.S. Thanksgiving and Christmas tables, but you can find them throughout the year. Sweet potato fries are quickly gaining popularity as a healthy alternative to french fries made from regular potatoes. Originally from central and south America, North Carolina is now the hub for sweet potatoes. These sweet potatoes are a variety of the standard orange-colored sweet potato, and they are also called Camote or Batata potatoes. Many people believe that regular potatoes are not nearly as good for you healthwise as sweet potatoes, but there are some comparable nutritional values that make them somewhat equal. At first glance, you can see that in pumpkin is much less calories than in sweet potato. Sweet Potatoes vs Yams. This root is high in antioxidants, vitamin A and has a lower glycemic index than white potatoes. Sweet potato is higher in vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamins B2 and B5, calcium and copper. These days, it’s just a way for people to distinguish between two types of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are considered low glycemic index and contains recent research suggests sweet potatoes can reduce blood sugar and insulin resistance in diabetics. People with certain conditions must limit their oxalate intake. These are the sweet potatoes that you roast for meal prep, use for Thanksgiving sweet potato pie or marshmallow-topped mashed potatoes, and snack on as fries and chips. Yams vs. sweet potatoes: Are they the same? Sweet potatoes actually belong to the morning glory family, Convolvulaceae (that means lots of pretty flowers! It is the clear choice for dieters because it has fewer calories and carbs. Potatoes and sweet potatoes may share a name, but they actually come from very different plant families. She is also a defensive plant, possessing a toughness scale equivalent that of a Wall-nut. Pumpkin has 26 kcal per 100g and sweet potato 86 kcal per 100g so it is pretty easy to calculate that the difference is about 231 %. Sweet potato is a great source of dietary fiber. Conclusion And this chance, the question for the conclusion will be "which is healthier food among Plantains vs Sweet Potatoes?" Nutritional Profile . However, they should be avoided by people who have kidney stones. Yams and sweet potatoes have differences in both appearance, taste and origin. With skin that is either reddish-purple or brownish-purple in color, this type of sweet potato is firm and tasty, and you can enjoy it baked or cooked in various dishes. The answer is a resounding no. 0.33mg vs 0.258mg; 2.04x more vitamin C per 100g ? Baking Vs. Microwaving Sweet Potatoes. It also depends on how it was cooked. Are Sweet Potatoes Healthier than Regular Potatoes? Sweet Potato. Sweet Potato's first appearance in the series is in Plants vs. Zombies 2.Where she is a limited addition premium plant tied to the Fall Food Fight Thanksgiving event.. She costs 150 sun, 300 in the Chinese version, and attracts zombies from adjacent lanes in a 1x3 area in front of her.If all lanes are full of Sweet Potatoes, zombies will not switch between lanes. As health journalist Max Lugavere explains in his book Genius Foods, our bodies can turn starch into sugar molecules with ridiculous ease. The young leaves and shoots are sometimes eaten as greens.The sweet potato is not closely related to the common potato (Solanum tuberosum). 4.9mg vs 2.4mg; 9.91x more folate per 100g? I’m about to blow your mind here….The yams you see at your local grocery store across the entire United States, well they’re actually sweet potatoes! Sweet potatoes might have a lower glycemic index than regular potatoes. As you can guess by now, several factors determine whether potatoes and sweet potatoes (or, for that matter, most other foods) are more or less “healthy” or appropriate for your goals. While the sweet potato has enjoyed the “healthy potato” status among athletes, both the white and the sweet potato should be considered nutritious. However, boiled red potatoes when baked tend to have a GI of 89 while Russet potatoes have a GI of 111. Sweet Potato vs White Potato. In short, all so-called “yams” in your supermarket are in fact sweet potatoes! https://www.allrecipes.com/article/how-to-bake-sweet-potatoes What’s the deal? First stared in the 30s of 20th Century, when Louisiana farmers had marked their sweet potatoes as “yam” to differentiate them from the other types of sweet potatoes, growing in other states. In terms of iron, a regular potato provides 10 percent of your daily need, while a sweet potato only offers 4 percent. Sweet potatoes may not be sold in a bakery box, but they still contain chains of glucose like other sugary foods ― the difference is that a sweet potato’s glucose comes packaged in a plant, not in a cookie or cake. Pumpkin vs sweet potato detailed comparison. White rice has more thiamin, niacin and folate, however, sweet potato contains more riboflavin and Vitamin B6. Sweet Potato is a special-edition premium plant that first appeared in the 3.0.1 update of Plants vs. Zombies 2 for the Fall Food Fight Piñata Party event. Nutrition Sweet potatoes are very high in fiber, which is great for a diet food. It also promotes inflammation, which aggravates inflammatory conditions such as … Both sweet potatoes and white potatoes provide a rich source of starch and dietary fiber. Oxalate is a substance found in many plants. There are so many different ways to incorporate these nutrient-dense veggies into your diet. Both varieties of 3.5 ounces or 100 grams have almost the same … Where is more calories? Sweet potatoes and potatoes are root vegetables that are only very distantly related to each other. Potato vs Sweet Potato . Photo credit: Alycia Moreno for CA Grown. They both have an abundance of vitamins and minerals that make them great candidates for the carbohydrates you choose to put on your plate. Popular cooking methods for sweet potatoes include baking or boiling. of this vitamin from a regular potato. Detailed nutritional comparison of white rice and sweet potatoes … She can attract zombies from adjacent tiles covering the 1x3 (vertical) area in front of the tile where she was planted in lane. How they’re prepared . Sweet potatoes have a slightly higher fibre content than white potatoes but white potatoes have a greater content of resistant starch. Beetroot vs Sweet Potato. It has also become a staple on the Thanksgiving table, most often as sweet potato … Sweet potato is an excellent source of Vitamin A and potassium. Both the sweet potato and the brown potato can easily fit into a healthy diet. For the most part, brown potatoes and sweet potatoes are very similar in their vitamin and mineral content. Eat potatoes and sweet potatoes cooked rather than raw. Learn to prepare these vegetables in healthy ways to maximize their nutrition. Although, meat was mainly her focus, she enjoyed the taste of this candied sweet potato casserole immensely. We all know about potatoes, and how important they are for us as an important ingredient in our diet. In this sweet potato vs potato battle, it’s not a matter of choosing one over the other. Paler-skinned sweet potatoes were already called “sweet potatoes,” so the yam moniker was attached to their orange counterparts. When it is pureed it can be used in soups as well as baked goods and desserts, including, of course, sweet potato pie. 2. 13.33% higher water content per 100g? With that in mind, let’s dig in to the facts about these nutritious and ancient, tuberous vegetables. This is because of the presence of the disaccharide maltose, which although not as sweet as sugar has a higher glycemic index at 105. RELATED: The 23 Best Sweet Potato Recipes You Need in Your Life. Another reason why sweet potatoes are called yams may have to do with the introduction of brown, orange-fleshed sweet potato to the North American market. Although a sweet potato offers more fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C, a plain baked potato is not a nutritional zero. Both count towards your daily servings of vegetables and can be part of a healthy diet. Fibers in sweet potato makes a big difference too. Sweet potatoes are famous all over the world and have different types, shapes, and colors on which they can be explained. 0.8mg vs 0.61mg; 27.52% more manganese per 100g? Potatoes are practical and delish, but they've gotten a bit of a bad rap, nutritionally speaking. Lubo Ivanko/Crystal Weddington/EyeEm/Getty Images What’s the Difference? It was like getting two desserts in one meal. Baked sweet potatoes actually have a very similar glycemic index to baked white potatoes (97 vs 107). 1.61g vs 1.57g; 31.15% more iron per 100g? How To Cook Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes also have about twice the vitamin C of Russet Burbank and red potatoes. There are few reasons for sweet potato and yam confusion. Both are rich in various vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes vs. yams, yams vs. sweet potatoes? Both provide a great deal of nutrition and deserve a place on your plate (unless you are eating an extremely low-carb diet). In fact, in some parts of the world, this tuber is … However, a sweet potato offers a whopping 438 percent of vitamin A (good for your eyes) while you will get none (zilch!) It’s more a matter of how they’re prepared. White vs. sweet potatoes: It’s all in the starch. The sweet potato or sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) is a dicotyledonous plant that belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family, Convolvulaceae.Its large, starchy, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots are a root vegetable. They all are great sources of potassium, with red potatoes leading the pack. Overall, based on nutritional facts, the sweet potato comes out on top as the winner in potato versus potato, even though it does have a higher sugar content and lower potassium values. The main difference between the two categories that are being discussed is the first thing you observe, yes, the color. As you'd expect from foods classified as starchy vegetables, potatoes and sweet potatoes both contain large amounts of starch per serving -- 10 grams per cup of white potato or 16.8 grams per an equivalent serving of sweet potato. Download Our Essential Paleo Pantry List For Free . ).The most common varieties in the U.S. are the Beauregard (the most widely grown cultivar), the jewel, and the garnet (also sometimes known as red yams). Beetroot. In the body, it can combine with calcium and form crystals that can contribute to kidney stones and gout.