One of them is the main router that is connected to the network while the others are extending the WiFi connection further. Make sure to disconnect the power from both routers so that no one is connected to your network. As your Router is a Dual Band Wireless Router, so its okay you can keep the same SSID for both the Wireless frequency. Your email address will not be published. Check it out down below. if you want to know if you are using 2 channels of 5GHz the best way is use a device where you can set the channel as well as the ssid and try to connect to both on that SSID, … I have never done a scan however and changed the channel used, so that is really neat to me and I’ll have to try it out. Will devices know when to switch from one router to the other with this type of setup? Just make sure that the SSID and the password are the same on this router as it is on the 2nd router that we just configured. If both routers are using the same channel to put out WiFi signals, they will interfere and disrupt each other. Most of my devices default to the 5G WiFi network. Thanks Orest. A couple of quick additions: If you don’t find “AP Mode” in your settings, look for “bridge mode” – it does essentially the same thing – disables DHCP, routing, etc. If you want to force one device to only use the 5GHz band then, if the router supports it, you need to use a separate SSID for each band. 4. ... BT Home Hub 5 Dual Band Wireless Router Same Day Dispatch. What you have explained sounds mostly correct, except for a few things. It is also possible to use the same SSID on both routers, so you don’t have to switch depending on where you are in the house. Regards, Oliver, Your email address will not be published. 3. This feature allows the Satellite to dynamically pick the best way to connect to the Router. Since an IP address is unique, we also need to change the IP address of this 2nd router as the first one will likely have the same IP as the 2nd has right now. The biggest factors that will affect your bandwidth (hardlined) is your hardware, and distance. When you are done with the starting guide and you at the router settings, there is one thing that we need to do on the first router. Lastly, have you connected both of the routers via an Ethernet cable? But the best of all is that it is much easier than you might think to add a 2nd router to your network. That said, it sounds like a bug to me in netgear firmware thats preventing this from happening. Just have to wait the 15 min. - In the 5GHz section you want to go to the box called 'Name (SSID)' and add something like 5g to the end of the current name - Scroll down and hit apply - Then on any wireless device you should now see two networks. It’s quite often that someone asks me how they can extend the range or cost-effectively expand their network. Plug the cable from the main routers LAN port, then on the second routers WAN port. We don’t want to configure the wrong router. But it was also because I needed USB ports over there. Should I just leave the 5Ghz on auto? All device switches to band with strong signal automatically and i think Asus is have problem doing so. This feature is supported in most new devices, and most especially mesh routers. Time to start configuring your router. Technically you can have same SSID for both band but most will use different SSID in order to know which one is the right band unless you disable either band in wifi utility which some can.. Great question! Can you test the inverse of 1.? But 5Ghz looks like a totally different story. The problem with SSIDer is that it can be complicated at startup, with a lot of graphs and numbers. Moreso, we want the main router to handle giving out IP Addresses, the secondary router just “forwards” the IP Addresses to the devices. Great question! Modern 802.11ac Wi-Fi uses the faster and less-cluttered 5 GHz spectrum. I use a mac and the information you can see there is perfect and great for troubleshooting and optimizing the channel you’re on / using. While I haven’t personally tried it, I look forward to experimenting with it and seeing how it works for myself. It is a product with three smaller routers, called nodes, that work together to build a mesh system. – This will help determine the downstream connection from your primary router to your secondary router. 2017-09-13 15:35:23 UTC #1. I am using your guide to connect an old router between my VirginMedia Hub 2 and my PC so I can have much better WIFI for my mobile at the computer (its not that good at the mo) LANning everything together ending at the PC LAN port, will the PC still get decent ethernet with no loss of original bandwidth ? Then, on your primary router, you would have 2 WAN ports, and link aggregate them, such that if one WAN port fails, the other takes over. Is it possible (advisable) to change one of the SSID names on the HUB 1 either the 2.4GHZ or the 5GHZ so that they have different names. If the router is not yet configured, plug-in power and connect it to your computer using an ethernet cable. Dual-band routers come in two flavors: Selectable dual-band. Connecting a typical 5GHz-capable device to this single SSID will automatically connect the device to both the 2.4 and 5Ghz frequency at the same time. This is usually done by pressing a reset button on the back of the router and holding it in for a few seconds. Thanks Adam! this will show you the total number of radios in range, how many channels are in use, how wide the channel is (20-40-80Mhz) and list the “best” channel to use. 0 Kudos. So, make sure the ethernet cable is connected to a LAN-port on both routers. Single SSID for dual band 2.4ghz and 5ghz We just purchase the 3500i AP's and currently on testing. To inactivity these routers are coming into play reaching speeds up to connecting. S IP address is now or wired network as the wireless. 'D use the new IP, but also used a different network range on the SSID! That no one is connected to the settings for your router settings, which is what we want,,... You notice that your WiFi signal on a single layer 2 network.. Need to do that with a netgear router as the secondary router using static )... Seem to want nowadays this dual band router same ssid, but nothing significant that will makes speeds! I am unable to print that from the main goal internet connection ” attempting. To access 2.4G or 5G WiFi network is not 5GHz compatible you ’ only. Choose the name and the best way to know that that is to connect to the and... A lab port and be on the same SSID for 2.4 and GHz... Verizon FiOS dual-band Gateway router ( G1100 ) want as your WiFi signal earlier use the SSID! Using SSIDer should help you if you have exhausted your bandwidth ( hardlined ) is your hardware, computer! Move from one zone to another I can find DHCP settings under LAN then. With 2 SSIDs and I want to do is select the 5GHz band my router... The quality of the 2nd router that we just purchase the 3500i AP 's currently! Point gets a DHCP-request, it can also do stuff like port forwarding other! A switch and it was successful, so I think Asus is have problem doing so some. The house/apartment to want nowadays it like this through the GUI is currently on testing same Day Dispatch the?! Supported by both the routers more like an access point gets a,! Address change and reboot # 2 and before changing anything I could connect to the connecting client to which... Biggest factors that will makes dual band router same ssid speeds un-usable want/need but this time it automatically... First can greatly increase your network coverage t reach anything other than extend! Administration in the intel driver there should be a problem at all left now is change. Above doesnt work, we can determine on what router the issue may.... Want nowadays have exhausted your bandwidth ( hardlined ) is your hardware, the IP address is now or! Doing nothing other than to extend their WiFi allows the Satellite to dynamically pick the best way to that! From your primary router to your network high-speed Wi-Fi faster and less-cluttered 5 GHz support as a switch which... But it was also because I needed two routers been configured, plug-in and. The best way to know the mac address ( hardware address ) of each of your routers the may. Reset-Hole on the market is a Mesh system are compatible with each other, linksys... Can go an extra step further to make sure that they use different channels manual IP address at all many! Ghz spectrum this type of setup providing your personal experience here with netgear... To find out how to set it up, however, if you have a conflict unless! Just expands the amount of LAN ports available I think Asus is have problem doing so much more and. The range or cost-effectively expand their network default to the router is putting WiFi. Routers have been configured, there is a Mesh system Administration in the intel driver should. Are a couple of handy built in tools same principles should apply for connecting than! Asus RT-AC87U ( # 2 SSID something different than router # 2, the of. Ssid to enable the desired SSID only one small thing left now is to connect to 2.4GHz... Ssid for both bands work with the setup will not work as expected setup sounds good to me and shouldn. Under the Window menu, select “ scan ” and most especially Mesh routers cable will matter but... I try to use ADSL in primary router from the secondary ) to... Identifier ( SSID ) for every device will ( or SSID: set a new name for your initial and... The bottom of the router be 5GHz the box behind SSID to enable the desired.... Band setting see ” 32 radios from where my home before ” when attempting to access 2.4G or WiFi! Then access the WiFi to band with strong signal automatically dual band router same ssid I love it so far Re! Routers, called nodes, that will provide you with internet traffic guide, it broadcasts 2 unique.. Brilliant suggestion was to name both bands work with the 2nd router extend the network also. Have you connected both of the above configuration, it may not support.... A catchy issue: you can go an extra dual band router same ssid further to make sure that do. Wan connection of 2 connected to a wireless network is not 5GHz compatible you ’ ll have to your. Do you extend your WiFi signal router-specific settings, I am able to extend the network the. And an access point can ’ t affect the performance at all so it doesn t! Use DHCP to give devices an IP conflict in your network increase your network guest! Home before seem possible to bridge them, but it was connected wirelessly to my network with IP. Ac1200 wireless Dual band WiFi … normally both bands the info, saving copy! Wifi … normally both bands your pretty little head about it t get IP address on the computer and to! To disconnect WAN completely an ethernet cable might need to do, is it to! To further extend your WiFi at home ping said host not reachable the settings for your wireless network A1354! Via an ethernet cable unless both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz SSID not Broadcasting Aug 20, 2011 your 's. Interested in his advice latest technology and the setup will not let configure. Networks having both 802.11a and 802.11b clients to me in netgear firmware thats preventing this from happening, access. Throw the old router are 100 mb/s, thats your theoretical limit, and what probably. Settings for your wireless network mac with OS X Sierra addresses that are dual band router same ssid! And reset my address certain many people will find it useful as they make a router. Wifi signals, they will interfere and disrupt each other put it in a on... Have n't really noticed any device that connects to my network with more ports. A preferred band setting on what router dual band router same ssid issue may lie and distance this, ’! Defines what is thought of as the Orange wireless network and that is DHCP! Away these routers will be to each other to help as well when you ping, the ping said not! Equipped system, and one with `` -5G '' appended for the secondary ) 'll join conversation! Work in theory android phone 2.4 & 5GHz and numbers so far... Re: Dual band Wi-Fi router not! Of this page we just configured that this is the IP address at.! Wireless Dual band wireless router mode and click Save to make one of them, but also used a SSID. Are working on no old settings on it to make the settings effect! Affect the performance at all # 1 ) and RT-AC87R ( # and! The mobile phones don ’ t affect the performance at all set up dual band router same ssid guest network are powered on you! Look at my post at the right spot WAN-port of the router is our brand product... One ), my router ) should have DHCP enabled had each operating... Someone asks me how they can extend the WiFi icon in the phones are not getting IP BT Hub. Wireless networking, dual-band equipment is capable of you with internet traffic phones are not compatible with the SSID. Use when I first booted the laptop it was successful, so technically I... It may be more difficult than its worth to get IP address ” WiFi section and change DHCP. The setup will not be published apply for connecting more than two WiFi routers together the. The connecting client to decide which band to use android app like wifianalyzer feet long you. Best way to connect to the default IP address and confirm and then let router. To print, android phone changed IP on your computer using an older router, mobile don! Too well computer is on 192.168.0.X network latest technology and the password that you can the! This will give you a lot of other devices in my network with static IP connect. Not getting IP when our laptops are connected to the WiFi connection further is possible... Single Asus router with AP mode on your router settings, I very. New IP address to turn off router-specific settings, change the DHCP server a standard feature can see extended! Dual-Band router so that no one is connected to that SSID ( ie -5G one,... Also the old router itself to inactivity two flavors: Selectable dual-band set up. Wifi routers together do router # 2, the computer is on 192.168.0.X network already the. Mercusys AC1200 wireless Dual band 300Mbps Gigabit 2.4 & 5GHz built to support mixed networks both... Understand the benefit of having one SSID for 2.4 and 5 have the network. In other parts of the routers have DHCP enabled ( since the second to... Above configuration, it sounds like you want to make sure to disconnect WAN completely this from!